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Multi-colour Pens

The Odette Ballpoint Pen is a retro classic featuring 4 push button, retractable ballpoints in one 80’s nostalgia trip of a barrel

Novelty Pens

Baseball bat pull cap ballpoint pen, with Black silicon stylus suitable for touch screens. One of many options. Email us with what shape you would like.

Stylus Pens

A range of stylus pens including the very stylish Marksman pens

USB Pens

The USB pen. Exactly what it says, a pen with a USB flash drive in the cap

Wax Highlighters

Amazing wax highlight markers in range of great fluro colours. Superior shelf life to traditional highlight markers, leave the lid off and they still work

Banner Pens

Push button action ballpoint pen with pull out custom design laminated banner and rubber grip


View the range of different shapes and coloured highlighters

Mechanical Pencils

There are many mechanical pencils available. This sleek looking Berlin Twist Action Mechanical pencils is one of the best available